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Software Engineering

French English Definition/Comments
Génie Logiciel Software Engineering The art of making good software with limited ressources
Maître d'œuvre Project coordinator (or Project manager, or Project overseer) The person or company in charge of carrying out a project (usually, the software provider)
Maître d'ouvrage/Maîtrise d'ouvrage Works owner/Contracting owner The person or company which requested the project (usually, the client)
Cas de test Test case Elementary "thing" to try the program on.
Suite de tests Test suite (or Test bench) Set of test cases.
Test unitaire Unit test (test-case), Unit testing (activity) Test targeting a precise part of the software.
Test d'intégration Integration test Test stressing several parts of the program under test. Usually done after individual parts have been successfully unit-tested.
Test boite blanche (ou test structurels) White box test (aka clear box test, or structural test) Test case written with the internal details of the program in mind.
Test boite noire (ou Test fonctionnel) Black-box test (or Functional test) Test written without the knowledge about the internals of the software.
Test d'acceptation Acceptance test Set of test cases that must pass before a release.
Développement dirigé par le test Test-driven development Development methodology consisting in writing test-cases before writing the actual source code.
Gestionnaire de version Version control system (or Revision control system) Software allowing people to work together on a project while archiving all of the old versions.
Gestionnaire de bugs Bug tracker Database of known present and past bugs of a program.
Gestion qualité Quality management Set of techniques for ensuring that all the activities necessary to design, develop and implement a product or service are effective and efficient with respect to the system and its performance.
Assurance qualité Quality assurance (QA) Systematic application of quality management methods.
Planning prévisionnel Provisional schedule Expected schedule for a project.
Planning effectif Actual schedule How the project actually took place.


French English Definition/Comments
Lexicographie Lexicography Analysis of a program at the "word" level.
Lexème Token atomic group of characters produced by the lexical analysis.
Un automate, des automates An automaton, several automata State-machine
Analyse syntaxique Syntax analysis (or Parsing) Analysis of complete program constructs.
Grammaire hors-context Context-free grammar Set of production rules in which the left hand side consist of only one non-terminal symbol.
Grammaire sous-context Context-sensitive grammar Set of production rules in which the left hand side and the right hand side may be surrounded by a context of terminal and non-terminal symbols.
Typage (ou Analyse sémantique (statique)) Typing, type-checking (or (Static) semantic analysis) Checking that a program is well-typed.
Génération de code Code generation
Arbre de syntaxe abstraite (ou Arbre syntaxique asbtrait, ou simplement Arbre abstrait) Abstract Syntax Tree (AST) Tree structure representing the parsed program.
Grammaire attribuée Attribute grammar A formal way of denoting contextual aspects of a language.
Table à adressage dispersé (ou Table de "hachage") Hash table An efficient dictionary structure.
Compilateur Compiler Program transforming source code into assembly language.
Assembleur Assembler Program transforming assembly code into machine executable code.
Éditeur de liens Linker Program assembling several pieces of binary code together.
Langage d'assemblage Assembly language Human-readable form of the machine code.
Système de compilation Build system System in charge of calling the compiler(s), linker, ... on the right files with the right options.

Java, Object Oriented Programming

French English Definition/Comments
Classe Class Type of an object.
Objet Object Instance of a class.
Champ (ou attribut, ou variable membre) Field (or data member)
Méthode (ou fonction membre) method (or member function)
Héritage Inheritance Way to define a class based on its base class.
Classe mère (ou Classe de base) Base class (or Parent class, Super-class) Class from which another class derives.
Classe fille (ou Classe dérivée) Derived class (or Subclass, or Child class) Class deriving from another.
Surcharge de méthode Method overloading Defining different methods with the same name and different signatures
Redéfinition de méthode Method redefining Redefining a method with the same signature in a subclass.
Résolution dynamique de méthode (ou Liaison tardive) Dynamic binding (or Late binding) Calling a method based on the run-time type of the object.
Affectation Assignment Operation providing a new value to a variable


French English Definition/Comments
Cours d'Amphi Lecture Class with all students
Travaux dirigés Tutorial Class with small groups of students
Travaux pratiques Lab works Practical experimentations
Séance de suivis Progress meeting (?) Meetings during which the students explain their progress with the project.
Soutenance Defense Presentation by students

False Friends

French English Definition/Comments
Finalement Eventually At the end
Enfin Finally At last
Réaliser un projet To carry out a project
Réaliser, se rendre compte To realize
Être affecté, être touché Affectation An attempt to assume or exhibit what is not natural or real; false pretense; artificial appearance, or show; as, an affectation of wit, or of virtue (Webster's dictionary)
Actuel Current The one as of now
Réel Actual Real, concrete.
Plan d'un exposé Outline of a talk
Plans pour l'avenir, projets Plans