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We first tried to set up our network on a single computer, using virtual machines. This reduce considerably the amount of equipement we need. But this method is very RAM consumming, so we recommend not to use it.

Anyway, if you don't have any other solution, this article could help you to set it up.

Configuration of a virtual machine

The virtual machine we used is a VirtualBox version 3.2.0 r61806. We ran it under MacOSX Snow Leopard ; according to the versions of VirtualBox and of the OS, design and content of menus may be slightly different.

Fisrt, launch VirtualBox. You can configure VirtualBox in your langage, in VirtualBox/Preferences => "Language" tab.

Configuration of the Virtual Machine itself

  • Click New (at top left of the VirtualBox window)
  • After the welcome window, you are asked to give a name to your machine ; kind of OS :
    • SO : Linux
    • Version : Linux 2.6
  • Click Next
  • Set up the amount of RAM you want to allocate : do not give too much, since you will probably launch several virtual machines at the same time! Then, click Next
  • Create a virtual hard drive ; The assistant will guide you!
  • Check the abstract, and validate.

Do not launch the machine now ; You need now to tell VirtualBox the .iso file you want to use (in our case, the Nautilus6/Homeguy iso):

  • Go in File/MediaManager
  • In tab Images CD/DVD, add the iso (via the Add button, of by drag & drop)
  • Clic Ok

Then, associate this iso disk image to the virtual machine you just created:

  • Sélect the virtual machine
  • Click Configuration
  • In tab Storage, you have to add the disk image on Storage Manager : To do so, click the icon encircled in red:
Config VirtualBox iso.png

A window pops up, you will find your disk image in it (tab Images CD/DVD); click Choose, then Ok;

Your machine is ready!

Set up of a virtual network