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For any following tutorial, you should at least open a terminal (gnome-terminal, terminology, etc.) and execute commands inside.

Single most important advice to learn UNIX/Linux

Install Linux on your computer. For beginners, Ubuntu Linux is a safe bet, but most 'big' distributions will work quite well, with subtle differences in philosophy (Debian, Archwiki, Mint, OpenSUse, Fedora, etc.)

'Bug Busters' students of Ensimag may advice and help you.

Installation in a virtual machine (virtualbox, qemu) is, at first, simpler but has two main drawbacks: you will miss some pedagogical points, like storage management (partitions of disk, SSD), performances (accelerated graphics, file access time), boot process (UEFI); in case of any trouble, you have to understand two systems and their interactions.

Basic UNIX (basic commands in a terminal)


  1. tutorial cut by small topics, can be downloaded to be done offline
  2. tutorial with detailed explanations on command output
  3. tutorial with small exercices

Intermediate UNIX (basic commands in a terminal)