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(Version française de ce jeu ici : TP Unix - Jeu de piste. Pour passer de la version française à la version anglaise, il suffit généralement de traduire « etape » en « step » dans les noms de fichiers et URLs)

To make sure you've understood all the important points of the booklet, and to make the introduction more playful, your teachers prepared a self-evaluation game in the form of a treasure hunt. The idea is simple: each step is a small manipulation which gives you access to the next step.

Most steps are meant to be done from your usual machine in the Ensimag: preferably from individual workstations (PC), but also works on

Mutual help is encouraged, but please don't give the solution directly to your friends ...

Ready? Let's go! Here's the first step:

Starting point : step A1

For now, it's really simple, just follow this link:

Cheat to step B1 (trouble with computer account)

If you do not have yet your full computer account on the servers, you may start here. At the end of part A, you should receive an email similar to this one:

  This email has been sent to you by the script It is
  part of the Unix Treasure Hunt.
  The next step consists in executing a Python program (if you prefer C
  or Ada, see below). The program is in the file in the
  directory jeu-de-piste/ on the account of user jdpunix.
  You don't have permission to execute the command 'ls' in this
  directory (you can try, but it won't work), but you can still retrieve
  the file (you'll see later how to use the command chmod to get this
  kind of permissions).
  Get this file, for example with
    cp the-file-to-get ~
  (~ means 'my home directory')
  Then come back to your home directory and execute the file using the
  The program will give you instructions to go to the next step.
  If you prefer Ada, an Ada program is located in the file step_b1.adb
  in the directory jeu-de-piste/ on the account of user jdpunix.
  Copy it to your own account and compile it using:
    gnatmake step_b1
  then execute it using
  If you prefer C language, a C version of the program is located in the
  same directory, in a file named step_b1.c (to be compiled with gcc).

Second part : step H1

Not available in english as of now, but you can start here: