TP Unix - Treasure hunt

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(Version française de ce jeu ici : TP Unix - Jeu de piste. Pour passer de la version française à la version anglaise, il suffit généralement de traduire « etape » en « step » dans les noms de fichiers et URLs)

To make sure you've understood all the important points of the booklet, and to make the introduction more playful, your teachers prepared a self-evaluation game in the form of a treasure hunt. The idea is simple: each step is a small manipulation which gives you access to the next step.

Many steps are on the server telesun. Copies of these steps are on the machines ensibm and ensisun, at the same places.

Mutual help is encouraged, but please don't give the solution directly to your friends ...

Ready? Let's go! Here's the first step:

Starting point : step A1

For now, it's really simple, just follow this link: