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Security project ideas

Privacy browser plugin for search engines

  • original idea: Fabien


When you click a link on the "major" search engines (google, bing...), a request is also sent to these servers for they to know that you actually did visit that website. We aim a preventing the browswer from transmitting these informations to these giants. A basic idea is to parse the webpage and remove the corresponding actions (eg: onmousedown="return clk(this.href,,,,'1',,'0CBgQFjAA')" on Google) Another idea is to hook asynchronous request, and to prevent the specific ones regarding the search engines.

Synchronized keychain multi-OS

  • Original idea: Fabien


Because of the identity missing layer on the internet, we do subscribe to many websites in so many identity referentials. If you want to ensure an optimal level of security, you have to use a sensible different password for any of these websites. However, first websites have different complexity rules regarding the password, and frequency of change. I propose a peer to peer system which acts without a central server and which does synchronize password between devices (Smartphone, desktop, laptop), which does store all these password in a keychain specific to each platform (Android, IOS, Windows 7, Mac OS X, ubuntu...) and which automatically does change these password. I then propose that these keychain would be secured with an appropriate security mechanism. It could be a very long and complex passphrase or a multiple factor authentication (and why not another homemade authentication method? eg: camera...)

Additional functionnalites

Ability to choose to synchronise it using central servers, external services, or peer-to-peer services between trusted devices.

Suricata: The IDPS next generation

  • Original idea: Pedro


Suricata is a project supported by the US government that is intended to become the next generation of IDPS. Since that it is a quite new project (2009), there are a lot of stuff to be implemented. My two cents: I think that in 4 (YES) years we will have a Suricata vs Snort world (kde vs gnome wannabe). See the hot topics of development: Suricata hot topics. If someone is interested to develop some stuff to it, I will be glad to participate. Also see more about Suricata at Suricata.

Framework for searching gadget and generating ROP payloads

  • Original idea: Karim

Outlook 2007/2010 plugin: GnuPG

  • Original idea: Fabien

Firefox anonymizing plugin

  • Original idea: Fabien


Eg: sending « random » browser informations when

  • Visiting the same page / website twice
  • During two different in-private sessions
  • Another user defined frequency

Graphical bandwidth monitoring (per process) for Mac OS X

  • Original idea: Fabien

Additional features

  • ability to limit the bandwidth for such a process
  • ability to prioritize the network traffic per process

BitLocker driver for Linux, and or Mac OS X

  • Original idea: Fabien