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What is a talk?

A presentation lasting from 30 minutes to 2 hours (maximum) regarding a topic of your choice focusing on at least one aspect of information security. Advised duration: 1h30. You talk has to introduce the topic, present the required concepts for fully understanding the core of your speech. Then the core of your speech, "the beef", also a practical demonstration "demo" is highly advised, then one slide of conclusion.

  • The SecurIMAG mailing list is here to help you choose your topic. Some topics are provided on the SecurIMAG homepage
  • SecurIMAG reviewers will advise you modifications before and after your talk.


Talk hints

  • peer reviews: do not hesitate to send your slides to your peers before the presentation. They could have usefull tips / hints / advices for you
    • 3 weeks before: summary + table of content
    • 2 weeks before: 1st draft
    • 1 week before: 2nd draft
      • also please indicate which assumed talks the public is supposed to have read BEFORE the talk
    • 2 days before: final review
  • FUN: do not forget it ;)

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