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SecurIMAG is an Information Security and hackers club at the french engineering school Ensimag. We are exchanging about various security topics.
Current members include Ensimag MSc and PhD students, but anybody interested is welcome.


LE NOUVEAU SITE : https://securimag.org/wp/

Le wiki est uniquement conservé comme archive, les infos à jour sont sur le nouveau site

Lire la suite ...


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Upcoming Meetings

  • We are meeting every Thursday (except during uni holidays) generally from 5pm15 till 6pm45

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Previous meetings

  • 2012-04-05: P. Malterre - The Onion Router (TOR) + Information System Monitoring (slides will not be publicly available. contact the author or user:duchenef)
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hg clone https://code.google.com/p/miasm/
  • October 13th 2011
    • Nothing. "Ensimag corporate partners day"


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SecurIMAG members have MANY security books. You can borrow them by sending an email to the mailing-list and writing your name here:

Title Author lended by PERSON WHO HAS IT RIGHT NOW
Know your enemy the honeynet project Florent Autreau
Secret & Lies Bruce Schneier Florent Autreau
Web Security Avi, ranum and al. Florent Autreau
Network Intrusion Detection - an analyst's handbook 2nd ed. Northcutt and al .. Florent Autreau
Intrusion Signatures and Analaysis Northcutt and al .. Florent Autreau
Honeypots - tracking hackers Lance Spitzner Florent Autreau
The Next Catastophe Charles Perrow Florent Autreau
Secrets & Lies - Digital Security in a Networked World Bruce Schneier Florent Autreau
Web Security, Privacy & Commerce - 2nd edition Simon Garfinkel with Gene Spafford Florent Autreau
Solaris Security Peter H. Gregory Florent Autreau
Intrusion Detection Rebecca Gurley Bace Florent Autreau
Halting the Hacker donald l. pipkin Florent Autreau
hp ux 11i security chris wong Florent Autreau
hacking voip exposed david endler (tippingpoint) & mark collier Florent Autreau


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The goal of an IT security challenge is to get a flag (string which does prove you solved the problem) and then to prove you own that flag (usually by submitting it into a system).


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Security projects could be a way to improve your IT security skills. We have several ideas which could be implemented:

Security projects advices

  • peer communication will help you progress, thus please work together on projects. Also do not forget to indicate the members on that page
  • license: you are free to choose whatever best suits your needs (eg: GNU GPL
  • if you have any idea, feel free to add it here, or discuss it on the mailing list

List of proposed projects


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What is a talk?

A presentation lasting from 30 minutes to 2 hours (maximum) regarding a topic of your choice focusing on at least one aspect of information security. Advised duration: 1h30. You talk has to introduce the topic, present the required concepts for fully understanding the core of your speech. Then the core of your speech, "the beef", also a practical demonstration "demo" is highly advised, then one slide of conclusion.

  • The SecurIMAG mailing list is here to help you choose your topic. Some topics are provided on the SecurIMAG homepage
  • SecurIMAG reviewers will advise you modifications before and after your talk.


Talk hints

  • peer reviews: do not hesitate to send your slides to your peers before the presentation. They could have usefull tips / hints / advices for you
    • 3 weeks before: summary + table of content
    • 2 weeks before: 1st draft
    • 1 week before: 2nd draft
      • also please indicate which assumed talks the public is supposed to have read BEFORE the talk
    • 2 days before: final review
  • FUN: do not forget it ;)

SecurIMAG presentations


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CTF and security conferences


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  • MISC (security)
  • Linux Magazine (administration and development on UNIX systems)


VPN étudiant Tunlr - DNS unblocking


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Security mailing-lists


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Studying information security?

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Several websites recense SOME Master degrees that are specialized in information security.




  • Epitech
  • EPSI Lyon
  • INSA Lyon
  • Limoge, Cryptis
  • Telecom Paris SSIR
  • UTC
  • UVSQ

Universities List ONLY (does not contain Engineering School)

Master specialises (bac+5 "+1 ")


  • Expensive ... Is it worth the price?
  • Will non-technical stuff (eg: MEHARI, ISO 2700X, PCA, PRA) be of your interest?
  • They claim to be Bac+6, do companies in France care?

To be completed list

Already working?

Outside France

MANY universities have specialized courses in security:



  • KIT


  • KTH


SecurIMAG - Logo

A career in information security?

Some security researchers at Grenoble

Selected security experts, companies and researchers in France

A more general perspective