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Note: if possible, we advise speakers to have their slides in english and to speak in french if they are sufficiently fluent in it, otherwise english + english. First formula has the advantage of permitting both audiences to follow.


Pic Speaker name Corp/Lab/Gov/Self Talk
Grehack-2012-speakers-eric freyssinet.gif Eric Freyssinet

Invited Talks

Pic Speaker Corp/Lab/Gov/Self Talk title
Grehack-2012-speakers-kostya kortchinsky.png Kostya Kortchinsky Microsoft, previously Immunity

Grehack-2012-speakers-Philipe Elbaz-­Vincent.jpg Philippe Elbaz-­Vincent

Grehack-2012-speakers-regis leveugle.jpg Regis Leveugle

Grehack-2012-speakers-dave penkler.jpg Dave Penkler HP Enterprise Services CTO Office
Grehack-2012-speakers-missing picture.png Boris Balacheff HPLabs Cloud & Security Lab