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Accepted Papers & Talks

Pic Author(s) Corp/Lab/Gov/Self Paper + Talk
Grehack-2012-speakers-rikke kuiper.jpg Rikke Kuiper "p0c" Codenomicon
Grehack-2012-speakers-ari takanen.jpg Ari Takanen

Grehack-2012-speakers-mathieu renard gotohack.png Mathieu Renard "GoToHack" Sogeti-ESEC

Grehack-2012-speakers-david worth.png David Worth HighGroove Studios
Grehack-2012-speakers-justin collins.jpg Justin Collins

Grehack-2012-speakers-Olli-Pekka Niemi.jpg Olli-Pekka Niemi "0pi" Stonesoft
Grehack-2012-speakers-missing picture.png Antti Levomaki

Grehack-2012-speakers-phil.jpg Phil self

Grehack-2012-speakers-missing picture.png Yann Stephan "bswapeax" self

Grehack-2012-speakers-paul amar.jpg Paul Amar student at Grenoble INP Ensimag

Grehack-2012-speakers-Rahul Sasi.png Rahul Sasi "fb1h2s"

NOTE: this speaker did not fulfill important updates the program committee required. thus this paper will finally not be presented.