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Révision de 2 octobre 2013 à 16:18 par Jeanneg (discussion | contributions) (Detailled agenda/planning for GreHack 2013)

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Detailled agenda/planning for GreHack 2013

Friday, November, 15th 2013

schedule duration authors title
08h00-09h30 1h30

attendees arrival + welcome pack + breakfast

9h30-10h15 45 min Herbert Bos Tain't not enough time to fuzz all the memory errors
10h15-11h 45 min Juan Caballero TBA
11h-11h25 25 min

Coffee break

11h25 - 12h10 45min Halvar Flake TBA
12h10-12h35 25 min Ruo Ando Unraveling large scale geographical distribution of vulnerable DNS servers using asynchronous I/O mechanism
12h35-13h 25 min Eireann Leverett Vulnerability Inheritance in Programmable Logic Controllers
13h-14h 1h


14h - 14h25 25 min Alejandro Nolla Amplification DDoS attacks with game servers
14h25-14h50 25 min Ludovic Apvrille Pre-filtering Mobile Malware with Heuristic Techniques
14h50-15h15 25 min Markku-Juhani Olavi Saarinen Developing a Grey Hat C2 and RAT for APT Security Training and Assessment
15h15 - 15h45 25 min Jagdish Achara Detecting Privacy Leaks in the RATP App: how we proceeded and what we found
15h45-16h15 30 min

Coffe break

16h15-16h45 30 min Mathieu Cunche I know your MAC Address: Targeted tracking of individual using Wi-Fi
16h45 - 17h15 30 min Josselin Feist Statically Detecting Use After Free on Binary Code
17h15-17h40 25 min François Desplanques Attacks using malicious devices: a way to protect yourself against physical access
17h40-18h10 4 or 5 min each

Rump sessions

18h10 - 20h40

Cocktail (conference tickets only)

accepted music bands/DJ/artists play
20h40 - 05h40 Capture The Flag contest