IRL - Combination of cache analyses

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- Titre: Combinations of cache analyses

- responsable(s) Claire Maiza, David Monniaux (

- laboratoire : Verimag

- mots-clés : Cache memory, static analysis, surety and security

- description :

Cache memory are generally used to gain memory access efficiency. They are small and fast memories close to the processor. They are limited in size and are used as buffer to temporary contain data or instruction with fast access. Cache analysis is used in safety and security context, for instance, to guarantee an upper-bound on the execution time or to guarantee that the execution is not vulnerable certain to side channel attacks. In Verimag, recently, we have developed a new cache analysis (POPL 2019) that is more efficient and complete than Ferdinand's traditional one. The objectives of this internship is to study how this new analysis can be combined with others (persistence analysis? partitioning? data analysis?). If possible, analyses will be implemented in our tool (a variant of OTAWA).