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Internet Access


Grenoble University is a member of the international network Eduroam.

If your organisation is a member of it, you can access internet by connecting to the 802.11g network (SSID "eduroam")


If your organisation is a member of the Renater identity federation, you can access to the Internet by connecting to the SSID "wifi-campus"

Nominative Guest credentials

In case you are not a member of any of the two previously enumerated networks, you can request a nominative guest access by sending an email at LAST 2 WEEK BEFORE THE CONFERENCE

  • To:
orga2013  ~~AT_WTF~~
  • Subject:
guest internet access request
  • Content:
firstname: ?????
name: ?????
mac address of your ethernet card: ??????
mac address of your wireless card: ??????
visit: grehack2013

This information is stored for 1 year, for auditing purposes.

your own 3G+ device