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GreHack Capture The Flag will be Jeopardy style, individual or by teams.


  • Competitors have to be physically present.
  • Maximum number of participants per team is 8.
  • Internet connection will be provided.
  • Flags are case sensitive and have no specific layout.
  • If you find any bug in the system, please report it to us.
  • If you are not sure if something is a violation of the rules, ask us!

It is strictly prohibited and can be subject to disqualification to:

  • Attack machines other than designated ones.
  • Sharing flags or solutions between teams.
  • DDos Grehack CTF infrastructure.
  • Give money to admins in exchange of flags :D

Challenges categories

  • Cryptography
  • Exploit
  • Forensic
  • Misc
  • Network
  • Reverse-engineering
  • Steganography
  • Web

Challenges are written by Securimag team.

Here are GreHack2012 Challenges.


Please bring your:

  • RJ-45 cables! (1 per participant + 1 long per team)
  • A L2 switch per team
  • Power cord extension
  • Computer
  • Brain!
  • Also we advise to bring a powerstrip or surge protector for your H/W


Winning Prizes

prize pic prize description sponsor
SecurIMAG-GreHack-2013-CTF Prize-HP slate 7.jpg * 4 HP Slate 7 for the winners SecurIMAG-GreHack-2013-CTF Prize-HP slate 7-2.jpg
SecurIMAG-GreHack-2012-CTF Prize-Rasberry PI-car online.jpg * 10 Raspberry Pi model B
  • 4 for the second team
  • 3 for the third
  • 2 for the fourth
  • and 1 for the fifth team
Logo for light background.png


Grehack-ctf-daft punk.jpg

  • Music: Musicians/Artists/DJ will put the CTF on fire!

Call for Musicians/Artists/DJs application is OPEN! till November 5th 2013

  • You are free to apply to put the CTF on fire! (not literally speaking please!! :P)
  • Advised music style (we are open to anything though) : electro, hard-rock, drum'n'bass
  • Application process will stricly close on November 5th 2013 (actually, it might be sooner in case of many applications)
  • Feel free to contact the organisation committee for any question

How to Participate?

Answer following questions and send them to orga2013 ~~AT~~

Mail title: call for musicians/artists/djs application

  • What is your artist/group name?
  • How many people are you?
  • What kind of music do you play?
  • How many mics and instruments do you have to plug at the same time?
  • What connectivity do you require? (jack, minijack, RCA, ...)
  • What is the estimated power consumption (in Watts of your hardware)
  • Have you ever played to a hacking CTF ?
  • Website? (in case you do not have, please attach a link to your myspace/youtube account where we can hear + see your performance. in case you do not have, please send mp3 of your previous performance)
  • Do you fully agree that your pseudo/group name will appear publicly? (on this website at least)
  • How many hours will you play? (at least 1)
  • Give us your email, phone

Grehack-ctf-music-drum and bass.jpg


We do not pay for travel expenses / hostel.
We will reimburse 50% of grehack entry fee per person accepted to perform.
Entry ticket includes food and drink (midday and evening).
We do not provide financial compensation for acts made during GreHack.
We remind you that CTF will last from 15th november 2013 9pm to 16th november 2013 6am (Paris time).