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GreHack is a non profit Security Conference (during day) and an Ethical Hacking Contest - aka CTF - (during night). This event will happen during the 42nd week (19th-20th October 2012) at Grenoble, french core for micro and nanotechnologies R&D. 2012 is the first edition. Some GreHack 2012 objectives.

twitter: @grehack


  • enjoy, discover new aspects and talents of the security and hacking scene
  • put in touch employers and potential employees. Come here to meet your future colleague!
  • meet students, hackers, professionals, lecturers and researchers

Beginners, newbies students (aka No0bs)

  • discover current security problematics
  • take part in a hacking contest, and root your first systems! :)
  • discover security research and phd security theses propositions


  • communicate an experience feedback regarding
    • a new technique that have been applied during pentests
    • encountered difficulties and advices when deploying a given security software solution

Lecturers, Teachers, Professors


  • communicate your results to a wide public
  • recruit future colleagues, msc students, phd students, postdocs...
  • exhibit security problematics yet not enough covered in hacking conferences (eg: physical attacks, nanotech, randomness and entropy)