Création de panoramas de montagnes à la Novat à partir de modèle numérique de terrain

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Cadre du projet


The studio "Pierre Novat" produced the panoramas used as background for the trail maps by most of the ski resorts of the french Alpes. Those panoramas do not truly respect the reality of the geography, but rather convey a vision of the mountain: some areas are distorted to be best viewed, some other areas are shrank because they are of small interest for the skier, etc.

Arthur Novat is working with research groups from the LIG and LJK to produce automatically "à la Novat" panoramas from 3D digital terrain models and technical and artistical expertise characterizing the Novat studio.

Travail Demandé

The goal of this project is to produce an interactive system that will allow the authoring of 2D images (panoramas) from 3D models (digital terrain). Starting with a view that an optical camera could produce, it will let the user manipulate the panorama through this projection and let him apply local deformation such as:

- modification of the heights so that the ski trails always go down; - flattening of the ridges so that both sides can be viewed at the same time; - etc.


[0] "Plan des pistes" ou la montagne selon Pierre Novat