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Information Systems Security

Course details

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Course title

Sécurité des Systèmes d'Informations / Information Systems Security



  • presenting an overview of IT security problems occurring in networks
  • ensuring a minimal knowledge about Computer Security and its management, in order to understand and face these problematics in a professional environment
  • knowing about basic attacks and the related defense mechanisms: web exploitation (XSS,SQLi) , executable exploitation (BOF), cryptography (PKI, GPG, low entropy), network (DNS)

Assumed background

  • operating systems (4MMSEPS2 "Système d'exploitation et programmation concurrente")
  • networks and protocols (3MMRTEL "Introduction aux Réseaux de Communication")
  • applied probability (3MMPA1 "Probabilités appliquées")
  • assembly software (3MMCEP "Conception et exploitation des processeurs" / "Logiciel de base")

Also see

  • software testing, safety and fault tolerance (5MMTLSFT "Test des logiciels, sureté de fonctionnement et tolérance aux fautes")
  • security models (5MMMSSI "Modèles pour la sécurité des systèmes informatiques")


Undergraduate. 3rd year of Engineer cycle. 5th year after A-level. SIF or LOAD

Course staff

Email: firstname.name@imag.fr


Lecture slides

Session 1: 2011-09-22

Session 2: 2011-09-29

Session 3: 2011-10-20

Session 4: 2011-11-03:


They are due each time for the very next lecture.

Practical Assessments

These are worth 5/20 marks. 2 people groups. deliverables in .txt or .pdf ONLY. For some practical assessments, you will have to install Virtual Box hypervisor.

Group rules

  • 2 students MAX per group. No additional point will be rewarded if 1 student is alone.
  • Each ENSGI student has to work with one Ensimag student. Each LOAD has to be with a SIF or a GI.
  • The remaining Ensimag students will be allowed to form 2 people groups.
  • The ultimate group might be a 3 people one

Practical assessment topics

See VirtualBox-5MMSSI for instructions on how to import and use a virtual machine:



  • bring your ID student card
  • individual
  • WARNING: Electronic devices (including but not limited to cell phones, smartphones such as BlackBerry devices or iPhones, PDAs and other electronic and photographic devices) are not

permitted during the exam. If you use them during the test, you will be dismissed from the exam, and will get a zero.

  • Only one two-sided A4 sheet will be authorized. Since specific tools and commands will only be evaluated during the practical assessment, you write TWO two-sided A4 pages: 1 for the practical assessment and one for the theoretical one.
  • We remind you that those assessments will be INDIVIDUAL.

Final PRACTICAL Assessment

  • 5/20
  • only 1 two-sided A4 sheet authorized
  • will be held in Ensimag E103, on Thursday January, 24th 2012 from 8am15 till 11am15
  • !!no second session for the practical assessment
  • no internet connection
  • review ALL your practical assessments
  • see the 5MMSSI-2011_Hacking_CTF_like_practical_exam

Final THEORETICAL examination

  • 10/20
  • only 1 two-sided A4 sheet authorized (advice: should be different than the previous one!)
  • Wednesday February 1st 2012 - 8am30-10am30 - Ensimag H206
  • train yourself with the previous exam you can see below
  • the exam will be a "mix" of the 5MMSSI 2010-2011 exam and the 4MMSR 2010-2011 exam.

Previous THEORETICAL examinations

Some THEORETICAL exercices


Please see the 5MMSSI 2011-2012 planning and check for the "Sécurité des Systèmes d'Informations" lecture


Interning in Information Security