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You will form groups of 3 people. After having selected a topic in the list (see below), you will perform the assigned tasks and prepare demonstration + slides and present them to the class for 17 minutes (~ from 10 to 20 slides, including first slide, summary, references) + 3 minutes question. Slides have to be in english. Speech can be in french or english (your choice). Btw, I highly prefer references on the same slide as where you refer from...

Paper and week-choice

Send me an email, putting your buddies as CC, with title 4MMSR-2012-seminar, and indicate:

  • your ensimag usernames + firstname + last name
  • your 3 favorite papers that are not yet chosen (ordered by descending preference).
  • your 3 favorite talk dates (descending order)

Remark: FIFO paper attribution. No guarantee you will get your first choices.

Attention* Read (even very quickly) the applied research project you choose, to be sure you are interested in them!
  • You have to form your group and choose 3 papers, and a presentation date before Monday Feb 6th 2012, 11pm59 GMT+1. I will assign a group + paper + date to students who have not choosen by that time.

Slides advices

Basics in creating a presentation

  • How to give a Good Research Talk? Simon L Peyton Jones, John Hughes, and John Launchbury (aditionnal advices)
  • Suggested table of content (it is not MANDATORY to strictly follow such an order, but it might help you):
    • 1st slide: paper title, paper authors, paper year of publication, in which conference? students names + firstname + student email @ensimag.fr + link to this webpage https://ensiwiki.ensimag.fr/index.php/4MMSR
    • paper authors short bio (corporation / university, diplomas, field of work, h-index, g-index use academic.research.microsoft.com)
    • table of content
    • introduction / background knwoledge
    • the problem authors are trying to solve
    • their proposed solution / method
    • experiment results
    • limitations, counter-measures
    • conclusions / summary / overview of the key concepts and findings
    • references
    • backup slides: additional details, some questions people will ask you and for which you already have the answer, other cool stuff about the security researchers, also a small presentation of the researchers who are authors of that paper
  • WARNING: do not forget the very basics... on EACH slide:
    • slide number / total slide number
    • paper title, paper authors, year of publication
    • seminar date


Pre-talk reviews

Before your actual presentation, you will have several deadlines (see below). At each deadline, I will provide you comments such as: focus more on that given point, add a schema for explaining that notion, introduce more background, describe more formally the problem...

Mail subject:

Attached file: PDF version ONLY ; name your file DATE_OF_YOUR_TALK_-_STUDENT_1_-_STUDENT_2.pdf

At each step N+1 you should have included comments I made you at step N:

  • 3 weeks before: send a summary of the talk (dont write a too long summary and don't spend too much time on that 1 page is enough. 2 pages max), and a table of content (=TXT file) + in case of some points are unclear to you, write down the questions you are not able to answer yet regarding that paper.
  • 2 weeks before: send a first talk draft + the additional paper and sources references you will provide (=PDF file)
  • 1 week before: work in progress. should be nearly final (=PDF file)
  • 3 days before: nearly final version (=PDF file)
  • 1 day before: you would consider presenting to the class with those slides. an email containing your slides + a link to the paper should be sent to the teacher who will forward it to the class (=email containting PDF file + link)

Papers list

You can choose a paper (or eventually a talk) within that list, or propose me a topic by email (I will consider how it relates to the lecture content, its freshness and interest and then will decide if your proposed topic is accepted).

Offensive Security

Defensive Security

Grading scheme

  • speakers:
    • CONTENT:
      • index, synthesis
      • schema
      • formal explanation of the problem
      • identification of security properties
      • counter-measures (even if not present within the article, in that case you have to propose some and we will discuss them)
      • hardness of the topic
      • questions asked to the authors
      • questioning about such a choice, or (if applicable) discussion about the interpretation of results
      • demonstration of the attack or the counter-measure (if any)
    • FORM:
      • scheduling and respect of the time limit
      • balance in speaker time and content
      • interactions with public
  • audience:
    • participation: you are supposed to actively participate as public, and thereby prepare and ask questions
    • during the semester, each student is supposed to ask at least 3 questions
  • both:
    • courtesy
    • clarity, scientific rigor of talk and when asking or replying to questions
    • ability to critic a scientific approach in a constructive fashion (eg: in what extends are the results promising? limitations: how widely can this approach be applied? are some hypotheses too restrictive, unrealistic?... how can you improve what is proposed?)
  • theoritical exams
    • 5 presented papers among the total (~ 15) will be selected and questions will be asked during the exam
    • (thus take notes)
    • (ask questions if a point is unclear for you!)