4MMSR-Network Security-2012-2013-gamecube game backup fuzzing

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GameCube Fuzzer

This is a "mini" research project for the course 4MMSR-Network Security


fuzzing,debugging,memory corruption,reverse engineering,gamecube



Expected output

  • slides explaining:
    • methodology
    • detailled reverse-engineering of gamecube backup format
    • automatic sequencing of input keys for loading a game backup
    • architecture of the fuzzer
    • targeted vulnerabilities
  • fuzzer:
    • mutates portions of the backup according to strings its recognized, you supplied it
    • loads the corresponding games and this mutated backup
    • test verdict
  • gamecube data backup fuzzing for at least 3 games:
    • Mario Kart: Double Dash
    • The Legend Of Zelda Twilight Princess
    • Super Smash Brothers Melee

Research Questions

  • encryption? signature?
  • manual reverse engineering for each backup format? what is automatizable?
  • number of new vulnerabilities found
  • efficiency, fault detection capability





Get Started!

  • create an archive on the ensimag server, so that only your team members and I have access to it.
  • Créer_une_archive_partagée_avec_Git
  • obviously, do not forget to send me the path afterwards


Fabien Duchene