4MMSR-2012-2013-project-web sockets fuzzing

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Web Socket Fuzzing

This is a "mini" research project for the course 4MMSR-Network Security


memory corruption, websocket, fuzzing


Web socket are a novelty of HTML5. As such, this is a new playground for fuzz-testing. aka fuzzing

Expected output

  • presentation slides (additional requirements):
    • considered vulnerabilities
    • SUT to test (and version)
    • representation of an individual sequence
    • concretization: from abstract level (representation) to concrete (web socket messages)
    • test verdict
  • a fuzzer for websocket implementations of browsers (implemented in python)
    • browser harnessing
    • simulating a websocket server
    • generating instructions for the client side
  • experiments for various browsers and various versions. advice: take the first versions of each browser that do support websockets

Research Questions

  • what are the different representation options for the vulnerabilities we target?
  • which test generation strategy seems to be the most efficient at finding vulnerabilities?





Get Started!

  • create an archive on the ensimag server, so that only your team members and I have access to it.
  • Créer_une_archive_partagée_avec_Git
  • obviously, do not forget to send me the path afterwards


Fabien Duchene